The YMCA of Highland on 7793 Central Ave. is providing an alternate learning environment to over 40 students from Redlands, San Bernardino and Rialto school districts.

To take part parents must enroll their children in the YMCA’s “KEY” program, available to students in kindergarten to sixth grade, for more information call (909) 798-9622 or visit Financial assistance is available on a limited basis for families that qualify.

Parents must have their children at their local YMCA at 7:30 a.m. as most students have to be online for their distance learning by 7:45 a.m. (each school district's distance learning schedule may vary).

There are 10 students in each room unless it’s a family of siblings; each room has an employee from the YMCA supervising the students and making sure they stay on schedule.

Program Director Jamila Coulson has worked for the YMCA of the East Valley for over 14 years.

She said “If students are moving around they have to wear a face covering.” There is an exception on wearing a face-covering outdoors for PE as long as social distancing rules are followed. On Fridays, students get to participate in water play, which includes water slides, and water balloons.

Highland also has a limited number of spots for outdoor youth sports. Classes started earlier on Monday, Aug. 31, for volleyball, soccer, martial arts, gymnastics, swim lessons and summer circus. Registration is still open and can be found at

Executive Director of the Highland Family YMCA Lindsey Cobaugh said that they “We are always adjusting and learning,” regarding the always-changing rules from state and county officials. She also said that “We clean constantly throughout the day to keep everyone safe.”

Per state guidelines the Highland location is not allowed to use its indoor pool. Cobaugh said that they are allowing their members to use the outdoor pool at the YMCA in Redlands on 500 Citrus Ave. They are also providing 18 live virtual fitness classes and 25 outdoor group exercise classes for the Highland and Redlands Family YMCA’s and are available for all Y facility members. More information can be found at

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