Assemblyman James C. Ramos is excited to announce his bill to assist veterans in their transition from service to employment in areas of cybersecurity where security clearances and background checks are required, has passed the Assembly Veterans Affairs Committee.

“Our veterans face a unique set of circumstances in gaining employment following their service to our country. We can give them a hand up by utilizing the security clearances that veterans obtain while in the military to assist them with landing cybersecurity positions with state agencies,” said Ramos.

Of the 21 million veterans in the United States, 1.8 million reside in California, more than any other state. California colleges and universities offer a variety of workforce and educational programs that cater to military personnel to obtain degrees and reach pathways to careers after service. The Cybersecurity Center at California State University San Bernardino for instance, is a vital academic program which allows for veterans to easily utilize their work experience in the program, through their service in which a national security clearance status was obtained.

AB 1376, sponsored by Disabled American Veterans and joint-authored by Assemblywoman Eloise Gómez Reyes, would direct the California Department of Veteran Affairs to collaborate with other state agencies and colleges to establish a veteran’s preference for employment opportunities within the field of cybersecurity that require a security clearance. In addition, the bill will require state agencies hiring for cybersecurity position to establish a uniform hiring policy for veterans who have recently held security clearance, expediting the hiring process for veterans and getting them back to work quicker.

AB 1376 will now move on to the Assembly Privacy and Consumer Protection Committee.

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