Assemblyman Chad Mayes liked Harvey Milk tweet posted by CA Assembly GOP Account

(Torrance, CA, Aug 22, 2017) – American Children First is calling upon both the Riverside and San Bernardino County Republican Party and Inland Empire state legislators to disavow a tweet posted by the California Republican Assembly Caucus in which a serial child rapist was hailed as a “hero.”

The May 22 tweet referred to Harvey Milk, an icon in the homosexual activist community, as a “hero” even though he was widely known for sleeping with young boys.

As the leader of the California Assembly Republican Caucus, Assemblyman Chad Mayes is ultimately responsible for that Twitter account with tweets approved by Joe Justin, Mayes’ chief of staff. Regardless, the tweet was shockingly liked and affirmed by Mayes’ own Twitter account and several other Republican staffers that work directly for him.

“Calling a sex predator who raped children a hero is disgusting and reprehensible,” Turner stated. “Silence is consent and I demand that Republicans forcefully condemn and renounce this tweet.”

The tweet only recently came to our organization’s attention and we are not quite sure if any Inland Empire Republican leaders are even aware of it. On August 17, the Riverside County Central Committee denounced racist groups that participated in the violent Charlottesville protests and we believe a similar action is required in this instance because child rape should never be minimized.

“The Mayor of Castro Street” was a Milk biography that documented his appetite for young boys. Written by Randy Shilts, the openly gay journalist who wrote for The Advocate and is widely respected in the homosexual community, it recounts Milk’s sexual exploits with children and his “penchant for young waifs with substance abuse problems.”

It also detailed the sexual relationship between a mid-thirties Milk and a 16-year-old Jack McKinley.

American Children First calls upon each central committee and all state legislators to renounce this tweet (see: posted by Assemblyman Chad Mayes’ staff. They are:

Riverside County Republican Central Committee

San Bernardino County Republican Central Committee

Inland Empire Assemblymembers:

Phillip Chen

Tom Lackey

Chad Mayes

Melissa Melendez

Jay Obernolte

Marc Steinorth

Randy Voepel

Marie Waldron

Inland Empire Senators:

Mike Morrell

Jeff Stone

Scott Wilk

“Nothing demonstrates Mayes’ failed leadership more clearly than his praise for a child rapist,” stated Turner.

Joseph Turner is the Executive Director of American Children First and author of the “American Children First” initiative. He previously founded the anti-illegal immigration group Save Our State and also authored the City of San Bernardino Illegal Immigration Relief Act (IIRA) in 2005. The IIRA served as the model for dozens of local jurisdictions, most notably Escondido (CA), Farmers Branch (TX), and Hazleton (PA). Farmers Branch and Hazleton had their ordinances struck down by their respective Courts of Appeals and the Supreme Court refused to hear the appeal for each case. Turner can be reached online at and or at: (424) 269-4564.

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