Dawn Rowe

District 3 Supervisor Dawn Rowe who is up reelection for the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors in March.

District 3 Supervisor Dawn Rowe in some people’s opinion has had a rough start to the new year.

While the primary election is less than three months away it is not the election that has made headlines recently, but the process by which Rowe was appointed in December of 2018 by the county of San Bernardino to replace former supervisor, now Assemblyman James Ramos following his move to the California legislature.

This all began when I.E United filed a petition for a writ of mandate asking the courts to reject the county’s appointment of Rowe on the grounds the county violated the Brown Act. On Jan. 8, a San Bernardino Appellate Court lifted a stay from a lower court ruling that Dawn Rowe’s appointment was a Brown Act violation. Rowe then decided following that ruling to step aside until the county has a chance to act in the next Board of Supervisors’ meeting on Jan. 28.

We sat down with Rowe before that decision was made to discuss her run for District 3.

Rowe says her interest in civics, started after trying to split up some property she owned and finding that the process was “difficult and expensive and frustrating.” Rowe then went to the mayor of Yucca Valley and expressed her issues, which he then asked her “Why don’t you become my appointed planning commissioner.”

She did just that but soon realized “that a planning commissioner was not a policymaker but rather a recommender for policy.” Rowe then decided to run for Yucca Valley city council where she served for four years and as mayor for one term. In addition to her local experience, Rowe has worked on the state level as a field representative in the assembly and the House of Representatives for 10 years for outgoing Congressman Paul Cook after he saw her tenacity and perseverance as a local leader. While working for Cook, Rowe became a voice for the “off-road community,” and was the person behind negotiating a legislative solution to keep the popular Johnson Valley Off-Highway Vehicle Area from closing. Rowe also has a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Drake University and a Master of Science in Advertising from Northwestern University; she also likes to substitute teach for the Morongo Valley Unified School District when she has time.

Rowe wants to ensure veterans receive the proper care and treatment they earned on the battlefield; as supervisor, she voted to fund the San Bernardino County Department of Veterans Affairs Veterans Service Officers to assist veterans in obtaining benefits from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

According to the FBI website, San Bernardino tops the list as one of the worst counties regarding juvenile crime rates in the country.

We asked Rowe what she was doing to bring down the juvenile crime rate in the county; she says outgoing Superintendent of San Bernardino Unified School District Dale Marsden has been “instrumental in helping,” with our career pathways program, and program Generation GO. The districts are working with local businesses like Garner Holt Productions in Redlands, who Rowe says “are interested in engaging the youth” at an elementary level of education. She says when Garner goes into classrooms they ask students “Have you seen a 3D printer? Do you know how it works?, this is what you can do with it.” She says that they also have “pathways” dental programs and Arrowhead Regional Medical Center. She says these “pathways lead to exposure to different jobs and sectors where kids can find an interest and then have a skill set when they graduate” with options like junior college, university, trade school or right into the workforce.

For more information on Dawn Rowe, visit roweforsupervisor.com.

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