McLaughlin Endorses Fellow Corporate-Free Candidates.

RICHMOND, CA - Gayle McLaughlin, 12-year elected official in Richmond and corporate-free candidate for Lt. Governor of California, has endorsed Bernie Sanders for President of the United States 2020. I’ll do my share to help Bernie win.

She also endorsed multiple other California candidates who have pledged to not take any corporate donations for their 2018 runs. They are:

David Hildebrand for U.S. Senate

Steven Jaffe for Congress, – CA12 San Francisco

Angelica Dueñas for Congress, –CA29 Los Angeles

Jovanka Beckles for Assembly, D-15 East Bay

Caney Arnold for Assembly, D-66 Los Angeles South Bay

Michelle Cassel Gomez, D-76 San Diego

Logan Smith, Santa Clarita City Council

Cesar Armendariz, Long Beach School Board

This list of corporate-free candidates includes Democratic Socialists, Democrats, Greens, and NPP candidates united in their progressive values and in the goals of elections and democracy needing to become free of corporate money. They all agree that it is essential to elect representatives that serve the people of California and not the corporations.

McLaughlin has decided not to endorse for the race for California governor 2018, at this time.

"I hope that my support for these corporate-free candidacies helps their campaigns and inspires many corporate-free candidates to enter each and every local race in California cities, as well as the State Assembly and Senate races, and every Congressional District." McLaughlin said.

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