State Sen. Mike Morrell

The California Senate has approved a bill by a local legislator that bill would repeal the licensing requirements to shampoo, arrange, dress, curl, wave, cleanse and beautify hair.

Sen. Mike Morrell, R-Rancho Cucamonga, questioned why students need to pay $7,500 to $19,000 in classwork and training to shampoo and curl hair

On top of schooling costs, aspiring workers in these fields are also required to complete more than 1,500 hours of training, take several exams, and pay up to $125 in fees in order to receive a license, said his press release. These services represent just a small sampling of the more than 300 different jobs that need licensure in California.

Senate Bill 999 was approved 34-2 in the Senate and awaits hearing in the Assembly.

"Occupational licensing is too often an obstacle for people who want to jumpstart their careers and begin climbing the economic ladder," said Morrell. "At a time when one in five residents now lives in poverty, the state should be doing all it can to lower barriers to entering the workforce and help Californians more freely pursue their financial goals."

SB 999 is sponsored by the R Street Institute, a non-partisan policy think tank based in Washington, D.C. Steven Greenhut, Western region director for the organization penned an op-ed on SB 999 and occupational licensing that can be read here.

"Kudos to the senators who, on a bipartisan basis, recognized that overly burdensome licensing rules are keeping some people from earning an honest living,” Greenhut said. “People who want to shampoo and curl hair shouldn't have to spend $7,500 to $19,000 on ten months of classwork to do what most of us do on a daily basis.”

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