Highland Fire Department

New Highland Fire Department logo, approved February 2020.

On Tuesday, Feb. 25, Highland City Council approved a new logo for the Highland Fire Department.

The logo was redesigned thanks to the initiative of Highland firefighters themselves, led by Capt. Liz Brown of station 1. It replaces a logo that was the combination of the Cal Fire and city of Highland logos, created by Highland Councilman John Timmer when he was a Cal Fire firefighter.

The old logos were showing wear, cracking and in need of replacement so the department began brainstorming a new logo, said Capt. Josh Janssen.

The new logo prominently features a brown mountaintop and a branch of oranges with blossoms in the center and “City of Highland” at the top and “Fire Department” and a smaller Cal Fire logo at the bottom. Firefighters’ axes, ladder and hook flank the logo.

The logo decals will cost the city approximately $400 while the labor of removing the old decals and installing the new decals on eight vehicles will be done by the fire department staff.

“They take a lot of pride in the city and the battalion,” Janssen said of the firefighters’ motivation, when the logo was presented to the Public Safety Committee prior to city council meeting. “This logo represents the city more while still representing Cal Fire. Our employees love working in Highland. I have multiple transfers on file at all times. People want to work in this city. It goes back to the pride.”

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It's funny how all the logos for the City of Highland have citrus on them, but we keep chopping the citrus trees down. Pretty soon the logos won't tell the story of Highland. Let's keep a few around.

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