Greenspot washout

Greenspot Road is closed from Arnott Farms through Garnet Sreet to Highway 38 due to a washout where it passes by Santa Ana River near Florida Street. According to county of San Bernardino public works, downed power lines in the area of the flooding are also a concern as crews begin to work on repairs.

After the city of Redlands declared the washout of Greenspot Road a local emergency expectations are that the vital roadway will be repaired in two to three months.

Redlands City Council approved the resolution unanimously as an emergency action during its Feb. 19 meeting. The proclamation was made in an attempt to seek emergency funds from California Office of Emergency Services under the California Disaster Assistance Act, according to Redlands Public Information Officer Carl Baker.

About half a lane of roadway washed out into Mill Creek during a heavy rainstorm on Thursday, Feb. 14, where Greenspot turns into Florida Avenue just east of Arnott Farms. The normally heavily trafficked road has since been closed from Arnott Farms to where Garnet Street meets Highway 38 in Mentone.

Greenspot serves as a major connector for east Highland to Redlands and Yuciapa as well as for mountain commuters entering the valley from Highway 38.

The proclamation, with information about the damage, will now be submitted to county of San Bernardino. Complete damage assessments and repair estimates were still being made as of Monday, Feb. 26.

Since the damage occurred on roadway that borders Redlands and San Bernardino County it is still to be determined who would make the repairs, Baker said.

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