City of Highland

On Tuesday, March 24, the Highland City Council passed a resolution declaring a local emergency concerning COVID-19, during a special meeting attended by the council members by teleconference.

The council approved the proclamation of a local emergency with a 4-0-1 vote. Mayor Larry McCallon, Mayor Pro Tem Penny Lilburn and Councilmen Jesse Chavez and John Timmer attended the 5-minute meeting and voted by teleconference. Councilwoman Anaeli Solano was absent.

The proclamation activates the city’s emergency plan and organizational structure and authorizes City Manager Joseph Hughes, as the city’s director of emergency services, and the city’s disaster council to prepare for and respond to the coronavirus pandemic.

The disaster council is made up of Hughes, Mayor Larry McCallon, Police Chief Jon Billings, Fire Capt. Josh Janssen and Assistant Director of Emergency Services Chuck Dantuono.

The resolution directs Hughes and the disaster council “to take any necessary steps for the protection of life, health and safety in the city of Highland.”

It also orders each of the city departments to review and revise their emergency and contingency plans as needed to address the risk posed by COVID-19 and to coordinate with San Bernardino County Office of Emergency Services (OES).

The city departments are also ordered to track costs of staffing, supplies and equipment related to COVID-19 preparation and prevention, which is also to be communicated to OES.

The city’s director of emergency services and disaster council will also be coordinating with OES and the San Bernardino County Department of Public Health for its citywide response to the pandemic.

These orders will be in effect until the state of local emergency is terminated by a proclamation of the Highland City Council.

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