San Bernardino County officials are reminding educators that COVID-19 vaccinations are currently limited to 1) teachers and school staff conducting (or supporting) in-person instruction to full classrooms; and 2) to those providing in-person instruction to cohorts of students (i.e., groups of students that are smaller than a typical full classroom) at schools that have received waivers from the state of California.

Other teachers within Tier 3, such as those who will offer in-person instruction to cohorts of students at schools that have not yet received state waivers, will become eligible to receive vaccinations when additional supplies become available.

The county also wants teachers to understand that it is not issuing appointments for teachers through its normal channels, which includes the county website, helpline or public health clinics. With vaccine doses still in limited supply, the county is concentrating vaccination efforts on residents who are at least 65 years old.

Instead of county vaccination sites, schools and school districts are working with their nearest hospital to arrange vaccinations for their teachers and support staff. The hospitals, in turn, can order doses from the county.

“We are eager to get teachers and others vaccinated, and we are allocating doses to community partners such as hospitals to manage that effort,” said Board of Supervisors Chairman Curt Hagman. “Segmenting recipients this way enables the county itself to focus on inoculating our senior residents — whose demand for the vaccine continues to outpace our available supply. We’re asking everyone to please be patient and cooperate with these guidelines so we can get everyone vaccinated as efficiently as possible.”

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