National night out

East Valley Water District shows the community the equipment it uses to dig for water, as well as where to fill their water bottles.

Looking out for one another was the theme of the 2019 city of Highland National Night Out event, hosted by the Highland Police Station on Base Line on Tuesday, Aug. 6.

About a dozen community organizations, including a quality of life deputy, probation deputy, the city's public works and code enforcement divisions, Highland Sheriff's Explorers, Burrtec Wast Management and East Valley Water District, took part in the annual event as they connected residents to resources. Food and water resources were also made available, in the form of hot dogs, free water bottles and drinking fountains to fill said bottles.

Sheriff Service Specialist Lisa Henley coordinated the event.

"National Night Out is an event that most states come together in; The idea is to [partner] with the community, along with law enforcement so that we can build a better relationship with the community and help service whatever needs they might have."

Henley said that the topics covered at the event included tackling homelessness and crime prevention.

The city has participated in National Night Out events for about seven years, according to Mayor Penny Lilburn.

"This is our third year we've been doing it as a city-concentrated event," said Lilburn. "Normally, we go out to the parks and the neighborhoods and meet with the different neighborhoods in the community. But the last couple of years we've decided to have it right here, so the [residents] can come here and get all the resources they need."

Lilburn says finding resources often takes knowing where to look.

"Hopefully they can learn where their police station is and all the other services - and look at how pretty the station is - and what we have to offer… It's right across the street from our great neighbors," as she pointed to neighboring businesses on Base Line.

Lilburn says the event is very important to the city.

"We recognize National Night Out because we want everyone to understand how important it is to work with your neighbors, work with your communities, work with the neighborhood watch groups and utilize all the resources that are out there available to continue preserving the quality of life for our city."

Lilburn thanks the city clerk for providing hot dogs, city council members for participating in the event and especially city staff for helping promote the event and the resources available to the community.

Until next year, Henley reminds the public, "Any questions that we can answer to help better serve them, to keep them safe, that is our goal."

The Highland Police Station is at 26985 Base Line.

Henley can be reached at the Highland Police Station or by calling (909) 425-9793 ext. 213.

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