On Monday, Aug. 3, Sheriff’s Aviation’s 40King5 helicopter conducted the nighttime hoist rescue of Sykler Ziolaowski, 24, after he injured his leg while rock climbing in Crestline.

According to a sheriff’s department press release, at approximately 9 p.m. on Monday dheriff’s dispatch received a request from San Bernardino County Fire Department for a hoist rescue.

Ziolaowski of Oxnard, Calif., was rock climbing on a large rock formation and during his rock climb, Ziolaowski slipped and fell and received a non-life-threatening leg injury. Ziolaowski was unable to walk and the location of his fall was in steep rocky terrain, making a ground rescue very difficult.

San Bernardino County Sheriff's Helicopter 40-KING-5 arrived at the location and located Ziolaowski at the bottom of a steep rock formation. The crew of 40KING5, along with fire personnel, were able to hike to the location and agreed that a hoist rescue was necessary to get Ziolaowski out of the area safely. A deputy was hoisted down to Ziolaowski and he was placed into a rescue harness.

Ziolaowski was hoisted to the helicopter and transported to a waiting ambulance on Highway 18. The crew returned and hoisted the deputy back to the helicopter.

Due to the time of night and mountainous terrain, night vision goggles were used during the hoist rescue.

The 40King5 crew consisted of pilot Cpl. Ryan Peppler, hoist operator Deputy Greg Hanrahan and hoist rider Deputy David Negron.


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