On Tuesday, Dec. 29, a San Bernardino police officer was injured and a murder suspect killed during a police-involved shooting near Base Line and Elm Street in Highland.

According to a San Bernardino Police Department press release, at about 3:37 p.m. on Dec. 29, San Bernardino police officers were continuing an investigation related to a homicide that occurred at the 700 block of N. G Street, San Bernardino, on Wednesday, Dec. 9. During that investigation, detectives were lead to believe that Shyheed Robert Boyd, 21, of San Bernardino was responsible for the shooting murder of Donte Dejuan Carr, 40 of Moreno Valley. An arrest warrant was issued for Boyd.

On Dec. 29, investigators were checking for Boyd at an address in Highland where he was known to frequent.

The investigators located Boyd walking in the area of Base Line and Elm Street in the city of Highland. They attempted to arrest Boyd for his homicide warrant, but Boyd ran from the officers. As he ran, Boyd turned around and shot at police officers with a handgun.

One officer was struck and injured, and the pursuing officers returned fire. Boyd was struck and injured by gunfire and transported to a local hospital. He did not survive his injuries.

The officer who was shot during this encounter was released from the hospital the evening of Dec. 29, and is expected to make a full recovery.

“We fully support the San Bernardino Police Department, and we are glad the officer will make a full recovery,” said San Bernardino City Mayor John Valdivia.

The incident happened in the city of Highland, which is policed by the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department. Since the shooting happened within the sheriff’s department’s jurisdiction, they are conducting the officer-involved shooting investigation.

Anyone with further information regarding the officer-involved shooting is urged to contact Detective S. Demuri or Sergeant J. Woods at the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department at (909) 387-3589.

Anyone with further information regarding the homicide that occurred in the city of San Bernardino (SBPD 2020-134092) is urged to contact Detective Sims at (909) 384-5665 / sims_da@sbcity.org or Sergeant Tello at (909) 384-5613 / tello_al@sbcity.org.

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21. And for what? That's the thing about America and the freedom you have. You are allowed to waste your life away. I think it should be mandatory for every American youth out of high school to serve 3 years in the military. At least doing this they have a better chance on coming out knowing a little bit more about what life is all about.

Point two. OBEY THE POLICE when you get a order from them. This should go without saying but some people are just to stupid to accept this concept.

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