On Wednesday, April 15, a Sheriff’s Aviation helicopter crew rescued a downed paraglider from a steep canyon in the San Bernardino Mountains.

According to a sheriff’s department press release, at about 2:15 p.m. on Wednesday a motorist driving on Highway 18, near Old Waterman Canyon Road, called 911 after witnessing a paraglider deploy what appeared to be an emergency parachute and land in a canyon near the location. The San Bernardino Police and San Bernardino County Fire departments received the call and requested Sheriff's Aviation to assist in locating the downed paraglider.

Sheriff's helicopter 40King4 responded to the area and located the victim, 62-year-old Jai Khalsa of Oak Hills, in steep terrain covered by heavy brush. Due to the terrain and brush, as well as the inability for ground units to access the victim's location, the crew of 40King4 requested Sheriff's Air Rescue 6 for a hoist rescue.

Air Rescue 6 hovered over Khalsa while the crew chief lowered a San Bernardino County Fire Medic down approximately 170 feet to Khalsa's location on the hillside. The medic placed Khalsa in a rescue harness and the crew chief then hoisted Khalsa up to the helicopter, followed by the medic.

Air Rescue 6 transported Khalsa to a waiting San Bernardino County Fire ambulance on Highway 18.

Sheriff’s 40King4 crew consisted of pilot Sgt. Jon Anderson and Tactical Flight Officer Tommy Dickey. Air Rescue 6 crew consisted of pilot Sgt. Daniel Futscher, Crew Chief David Negron, County Fire Capt. Jay Hausman and County Firefighter/Paramedic Jason Williams.

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