James Ramos

Patricia Wenskunas, Founder and CEO of Crime Survivors, Inc. (right), Grant Ward, President of the Sheriff's Employees' Benefit Association, Assemblyman James Ramos and San Bernardino County District Attorney Jason Anderson discussing Marsy's Law at a press conference in downtown San Bernardino on Friday, Jan. 31.

District 40 Assemblyman James Ramos, San Bernardino District Attorney Jason Anderson along with members of law enforcement gathered at the district attorney’s office in downtown San Bernardino on Friday, Jan. 31, to discuss Marsy’s Law that went into effect on Jan. 1.

The law, also known as AB 433, will require courts to give prosecutors and crime victims a two- to five-day notice of early termination of probation for convicted criminals if the victims opt-in for notification.

The new law also constitutionally mandates restitution for crime victims and will give victims and prosecuting attorneys the opportunity to seek restitution before the decision of the early ending of probation of a defendant is made.

Ramos said, “With this law, we are assuring victims of crime now have a voice that is strong in our community,” and that “crime victims have a right to have their voices heard.”

Patricia Wenskunas, the founder of Crime Survivors Inc. and representative for Crime Victims United California” said, “Victims’ voices are often left out of the process, despite constitutional protections for them to be heard, and “AB 433 will ensure victims are aware of developments such as early termination of probation so victims may ensure their offenders fulfill their restitution obligations.”

Sheriff’s Employees’ Benefit Association President Grant Ward said that he and his members “are extremely proud of the work Assemblyman James Ramos is accomplishing in Sacramento,” and “his common sense laws such as AB 433.”

This law, however, does not retroactively cover prior cases where restitution has already been given.

District Attorney Jason Anderson said, “It will begin with the cases when the law [AB 433] became the law.”

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