Sheriff’s Helicopter Air Rescue 06 helped put out a fire Friday afternoon at Sterling Avenue at Foothill Drive in north San Bernardino

At 5:40 p.m. Friday, Aug. 31, the crew responded to the San Bernardino County Fire Department request for help with a brush fire in the foothills near the intersection. The fire was near residential areas and forest lands, according to a press release.


Deputies Ryan Conner and Chris Mejia, assigned to Air Rescue 06, coordinated with air attack ground units from the San Bernardino County Fire Department and the U.S. National Forest Service to fight the blaze. Once on scene, Conner and Mejia began conducted the first of 12 water drops.

They helped extinguish flames and most important, slow the rate of spread toward the residential areas and forest lands, the release says.  


Air Rescue 06 is a UH-1H Super Huey, type II medium helicopter equipped with a Simplex Fire Attack belly tank and is capable of holding up to 375 gallons of water for aerial firefighting.

“Air Rescue 06, along with Air Rescue 07 and Air Rescue 08, is used as the primary platform for rescue operations throughout the county,” the release says.

They are always on standby to assist with firefighting efforts.

In addition to the department’s rescue helicopter fleet, its 40-King patrol helicopters can deliver water drops by using a bucket system designed for aerial firefighting.

“Patrol crews carry the bucket in the helicopter at all times ensuring they are always prepared,” the release says.


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