On Saturday, April 25, a Sheriff’s Aviation helicopter crew hoist rescued a downed paraglider stuck on Marshall Peak in the San Bernardino Mountains.

According to a sheriff’s department press release, Demet San, 52, was flying her paraglider when, for unknown reasons, she lost control and crashed in the area of Marshall Peak. She was uninjured but unable to hike out due to the terrain. Her location was inaccessible to rescue personnel by ground.

San Bernardino County Fire requested assistance for a hoist rescue. San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department helicopter 40King6 responded and located San next to her glider.

Due to the time of the rescue and mountainous terrain, the crew utilized night vision goggles to safely conduct the rescue. The crew lowered Deputy J. Hernandez to the victim. She was placed into a rescue harness and hoisted up to the helicopter. She was flown to a nearby landing zone where paramedics evaluated and released her at the scene.

San was the second downed paraglider rescued in the San Bernardino Mountains in 10 days.

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