On Thursday, Oct. 1, Highland detectives arrested the second to two suspects involved in a Sept. 5 shootout on Ninth Street during which a residence and car were struck by bullets. The two suspects were booked for attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon.

According to a sheriff’s department press release, on Saturday, Sept. 5, deputies from the Highland Station responded to the area of Ninth Street and McKinley Street in reference to a shooting. Witnesses reported two male suspects shooting at each other in the middle of the street. Rounds shot by the suspects struck an apartment occupied by Eva Cordero and a vehicle occupied by Maria Rocha Castaneda.

Cordero and Castaneda were both uninjured.

Detectives from the Highland Station assumed the investigation and identified Rayvaughn Anthony Thomas, 29, of Highland as one of the suspects. On Tuesday, Sept. 15, Thomas was located at a park in the city of San Bernardino by deputies from the Sheriff's Department's Gang Division. While contacting Thomas, several other subjects were detained. Deputies recovered seven guns and arrested several others for charges not related to this case. Thomas was taken to the Highland Station for interview and at the conclusion of the interview was booked into the Central Detention Center.

Detectives continued their investigation and the second suspect was identified as Andrew Rafael Youngblood, 33, of San Bernardino. On Thursday, Oct. 1, Youngblood was contacted at his place of employment. During a search of his vehicle, a loaded .45 caliber handgun was found. A search of Youngblood's residence was also done and a loaded 9mm handgun and suspect narcotics were found. Youngblood was interviewed and at the conclusion of the interview he was booked into the Central Detention Center.

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I hope the police start looking at the drug houses on Olive Tree Lane. There are too many on this street and surrounding streets and some of them don't like each other. It's only a matter of time before there's a shoot out there also.

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