The Highland City Council, on Tuesday, Aug. 24, approved a 5-year Measure I Capital Improvement Plan outlining the strategy for spending the city’s Measure I funds on a variety of pavement rehabilitation, roadway, bikeway, pedestrian and public transit projects.

The Meaure I funds are distributed by San Bernardino County Transit Authority (SBCTA) from funds generated by a half-cent county gas tax approved by voters in 1989 and extended in 2004.

According to an SBCTA estimate, Highland will receive $1.019 million to $1.256 million each year for the next five years for an estimated 5-year total of $5.928 million.

In addition to these estimates, the city currently holds a reserve of $2.352 million in unused Measure I funds, bringing the total of available Measure I funds to $8.280 million in the next five years.

About $3.427 million of this will be used by the city as local matching funds required by competitive grant applications and CDBG projects. Another $500,000 has been set aside for miscellaneous citywide street repairs.

Major projects to be funded in the Measure I 5-year plan include: $226,000 for Boulder Avenue street improvement, $192,000 for the Highland/Redlands Regional Connector (a major bikeway and trails program along Boulder Avenue/Orange Street), $346,000 for the City Creek/Alabama Street bikeway project, street and transit access improvements on Ninth Street and numerous pavement improvement projects on local streets throughout the city.

An estimated $1.445 million has been assigned to pavement rehabilitation of city streets within the sector E of the city’s street rehabilitation plan, which covers the area east of State Route 210 and south of Base Line. This is the fifth and final sector of the city’s 5-year pavement rehabilitation plan approved in 2016.

The city is working on a second 5-year plan for the continual improvement of the city’s streets.

Highland Measure I funds

(generated by fuel sales tax)

Unused carryover $2,352,000

Estimated revenues

2021-22 $1,109,982

2022-23 $1,153,622

2023-24 $1,186,952

2024-25 $1,221,233

2025-26 $1,256,494

Total $8,280,283

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