Sidewalks are coming to Drummond

Dummond Avenue is one of several streets that will get cement sidewalks as part of a Safe Routes to School project.

The Highland City Council approved, on Nov. 12, the construction and construction management contracts for a street improvement project aimed at bettering the “Safe Routes to School” for Warm Springs, Cole and Cypress elementary schools.

The construction contract was awarded to DM Contracting for $1,873,977 and the construction management contract went to TKE Engineering for $215,499.

The majority of the project funding comes from State Safe Route to Schools grants and city development impact frees.

For Warm Springs, the work will entail the construction of missing curbs and gutters, new concrete sidewalks and drive approaches on the north side of Sixth Street from Del Rosa Drive to Sterling Avenue; minor widening, new curb ramps, curbs, gutter, sidewalks and drive approaches on Elm Street from Sixth to Ninth Street; and relocation of fencing and irrigation and landscaping replacement.

For Cole and Cypress school routes, the project will construct sidewalk, curbs, gutters and drive approaches on 10th Street from Central Avenue to Drummond Avenue, on Drummond Avenue from Ninth Street of Crest Street, Cole Avenue from 10th Street to Base Line, Cole from Base Line to 14th Street and 14th Street from Cole to Central.

In-road warning lights will be installed at the crosswalk crossing Cole along the Messina Street.

A new handicapped ramp will be constructed in front of Cole Elementary, a cost borne by the city of San Bernardino.

Construction is expected to begin in early December and take 100 working days, approximately five months, to complete.

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City of Highland, please make the sidewalks 8+ feet wide if you want people to use them.

People on mobility scooters and wheelchairs have a real difficulty in using the narrow sidewalks of Highland. Mail boxes, sign posts, and utility poles often make narrow sidewalks impassable.

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