East Valley Water District (EVWD) has approved an agreement with San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department and city of Highland that will provide EVWD with the law enforcement services of a sheriff’s deputy to be stationed in Highland and serve from an office at the Sterling Natural Resource Center, EVWD’s new wastewater treatment plant.

The agreement was established to help provide improved security for the district’s facilities and operations, especially as it prepares to open the new wastewater-recycling center.

It was approved by the EVWD Board of Directors on Wednesday, Sept. 22, and Highland City Council on Tuesday, Sept. 28. It will now go to the county of San Bernardino for final approval and is expected to take effect by Jan. 1, 2022.

According to the agreement, an additional deputy will be added to the city of Highland’s law enforcement contract with the sheriff’s department. This deputy will be assigned to the water district and serve 20 to 40 hours per week. While the deputy will remain under the command of the Highland Police Department, he will serve from an office at Sterling Natural Resource Center.

EVWD will reimburse the city of Highland the added cost of the deputy’s services, one additional patrol vehicle and other related equipment costs. The initial cost to EVWD will be $154,000 for the remainder of the 2021-22 fiscal year and a cost of $280,00 for 2022-23.

According to EVWD Strategic Services Director Kelly Malloy, a deputy currently serving at the Highland station has already been selected for the assignment and a new deputy will be assigned to Highland to fill his place.

“EVWD provides a critical service throughout the community and we know maintaining security throughout our facilities is essential,” Malloy said. “There’s a lot of different expectations for us to make sure we’re mitigating risks and doing things to make sure our facilities are as safe and secure as possible.”

“I’m not shy in saying, ‘The city of Highland needs more cops,’ and this adds one more in an area where needed,” Highland Chief of Police Capt. Casey Jiles said of the new partnership. “I’m confident this will work and am very appreciative to have another deputy assigned to our station.”

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What does this say about the community of Highland that they need a sheriff's deputy posted at the water company? What is wrong with a security guard?

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