East Trunk Sewer Line

The East Valley Water District (EVWD) Board of Directors on Wednesday, March 11, approved the transfer of the East Truck Sewer Line from the authority of San Bernardino Municipal Water District to EVWD.

The transfer was necessary preparation for EVWD’s plan to take on sewer treatment at the Sterling Natural Resource Center, a water recycling plant being constructed at Sixth Street and Del Rosa Avenue. It was also a requirement of the 2017 settlement agreement between EVWD, the city of San Bernardino and San Bernardino Municipal Water District (SBMWD) authorizing the plant.

The settlement resolved legal disputes over EVWD’s authority to collect, recycle and reuse wastewater that is currently treated and released by city of San Bernardino.

The transfer of the East Trunk Sewer Pipe is one of the last conditions of the settlement for EVWD to fulfill.

The approximately 32,000 linear feet of sewer line primarily traverses north to south on Harrison Street to Lynwood Drive, Del Rosa Avenue to Pacific Street, Dwight Way to Base Line, Conejo Drive then Tippecanoe Avenue to Ninth Street, Pedley Road to Sixth Street, then Sixth west to Waterman Avenue.

The line ranges in diameter from 10 inches to 33 inches and it will be transferred on an “as-is with all faults” basis.

Currently the line is used to convey wastewater collected from EVWD’s western service area to SBMWD’s wastewater treatment facility. SBMWD then releases the water into the Santa Ana River. Once Sterling is operational the flow will go to EVWD’s plant where the waste will be treated and the recycled water then used to recharge local groundwater storage.

According to a EVWD staff report, the transfer will save EVWD in the costs of constructing its own sewer infrastructure to serve the west end of the district.

EVWD and SBMVWD both agreed to waive any fees relating to the transfer, such as connection fees, impact fees and recording fees.

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