Construction crews begin grading for the Mediterra residential development on Greenspot Road.

On Tuesday, Feb. 16, the Highland Planning Commission approved the street names for the first two planning areas of the Mediterra housing development and approved a conditional use permit for the construction of an automated carwash at 8054 Palm Ave.

The drive-through carwash was proposed and approved for a vacant 0.42-acre parcel on the west side of Palm south of Fifth Street. Ghulam Sarwar owns the property, and he intends to lease the property to carwash business.

The submitted conceptual design was for a single-stall, fully automated washing station and drying station. There will also be seven vacuum stations and three designated parking spaces. Two drive lanes will provide space for eight waiting cars.

The car wash will employ one full-time attendant to oversee operations and deal with machinery maintenance and repairs.

Final design plans will be submitted once Sarwar lines up a tenant for the property and it’s newly approved use.

The Mediterra project, on the north side of Greenspot Road east of Santa Paula Street, began late last year with construction for areas 1 and 2. When complete, the 182.2-acre project will include 316 single-family homes in eight areas.

The names submitted by the planners, D.R. Horton & Sunland Communities, all keep with the development’s Mediterranean theme. The names are: Campania Road, Marbella Way, Portofino Street, Santorini Lane, Ravello Court, Terranova Court, Sorrento Way, Capri Way, Palermo Court and Sanremo Place. The “court,” “lane,” “place” and “way” suffices indicate cul-de-sacs.

Five additional streets, in area 3, remain unnamed. Names for these streets will be submitted with the final tentative tract map prior to the start of construction for the development plan’s later phases.

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Build it and they will come. Growth is good. I only hope I live long enough to see the Greenspot Village and Market place completed but now I would even settle for seeing ground breaking! Good grief.


Greenspot Village and Market Place isn't ever going to happen. If you've noticed, the only new businesses going in are fast food, gas stations and car washes and warehouses, lots and lots of warehouses. Nothing worth coming to Highland for.


Have you seen how fast the Packing District in Redlands is going up? It's beautiful and they will probably even have the train up and running before Highland gets around to the Greenspot Village and Marketplace and they even found artifacts on that site and they still progressed. Highland finds a rat on it's site and they hold up progress for years! I guess if Highland is going to scrap this project they can always put in what you are suggesting and they can also include pawn shops, a Goodwill Store all anchored by a 99 cent store.

Good grief.


There's already plans in the works for a warehouse where the old driving range used to be. The theory is people just don't go to brick and mortar buildings anymore. I guess that's why it's always so easy to find parking at the Target in Redlands, or any parking in Redlands, Look at Trader Joes, easy peasy parking. Right? No one goes shopping any more, it's all online.....

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