Fifth Street improvements

Conceptual layout for widening of State Route 210 eastbound ramps at Fifth Street. Final designs will be completed by CalTrans according to an agreement approved by Highland City Council on Tuesday, April 27.

Highland City Council approved on Tuesday, April 27, a $2.627 million cooperative agreement with CalTrans for the design and construction of the first phase of major improvements to the State Route 210 and Fifth Street interchange.

The improvements will include the widening of eastbound on- and off-ramps at Fifth Street with the addition of a travel lane on the on-ramp and a turn lane on the off-ramp. The project aims to relieve the area’s traffic congestion and provide improved freeway access for the Third and Fifth Streets Corridor.

The agreement is for the completion of the environmental process, design, right-of-way and construction of phase 1 by CalTrans.

According to City Engineer Carlos Zamano, the environmental process is estimated to be completed in 2022 with construction estimated to begin in 2024-24 fiscal year.

Of the $2.627 million total cost, Highland’s share is $621,000. Highland will fund its share with $444,000 in 2007 RDA Bond proceeds and $177,000 in Inland Valley Development Agency traffic mitigation fees.

CalTrans is funding $1.25 million, San Bernardino County Transit Authority is funding $719,000 through its Valley Freeway Interchange Program, city of San Bernardino is funding $29,000 and the city of Redlands is funding $8,000.

According to City Manager Joseph Hughes, phase 2 of the Fifth Street interchange project is substantially larger with an estimated cost of $13.1 million. The city is still working on obtaining funding for phase 2.

Phase 2 will include widening and improvements to the westbound on- and off-ramps, widening of Fifth Street between City Creek Bridge and the westbound ramps and the construction of a new access lane for exclusive use by sand and gravel trucks from the nearby mining and aggregate operations.

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