Sterling's half built

EVWD's contruction of the Sterling Natural Resource Center water recycling plant hit the halfway point in March of 2020.

As of March, the East Valley Water District’s Sterling Natural Resource Center construction project reached the halfway point to scheduled completion⎯about 18 months in and 18 months left to work.

The water recycling plant will be capable of treating up to 10 million gallons per day, depositing the clean water into percolation ponds in order to recharge the Bunker Hill Basin groundwater. It will also include a community center and a system by which biogases from the sewage sludge will be used to generate electricity to power the plant.

EVWD Director of Strategic Services Kelly Malloy gave the EVWD Board of Directors an update of the wastewater treatment center’s progress during its March 11 meeting.

At that point 226 workers have worked on the plant site at Del Rosa Avenue and Sixth Street, working more than 187,000 staff hours.

So far the work has included placing rebar, pouring and testing concrete and continuing project design and permit acquisition.

Belfour-Beatty was contracted to design and construct the plant in a design-build process in which design and construction efforts overlap for flexibility and efficiency.

Malloy also shared that, as of March, 11,000-plus cubic-yards of concrete has been poured, 25,000-plus feet of conduit has been laid and more than 3.5 million pounds of rebar has been installed. More than 930 design drawings have been made, representing every scope of the project from overall project concept to individual nuts and bolts for special purposes.

On Feb. 25, EVWD joined San Bernardino City Unified School District for the ribbon cutting of a water resource management career pathway program at Indian Springs High School, which sits across the street from the plant site.

“For me, the next major milestone will be breaking ground on the west side of the project, to get the community center going,” said EVWD CEO John Mura. “This is a multifaceted project. The actual treatment project is the core of this project. That’s well underway. The second element is the community center and the third element is the energy production, which we are currently in the design phase. The fourth element is the community partnerships we want to build, like the career pathway.”

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