The Tetlocks

Pam and CR Tetlock, who teach at Richardson Prep Middle School, are the winners for the Character Education Award given by the Downtown Rotary of San Bernardino. CR stated, “It was a very nice honor to be recognized by a former student this highly.”

On Friday, May 21, Tawnya Rhoades-Hensley, a representative of the San Bernardino Downtown Rotary Club, presented CR Tetlock and his wife Pamela, a trophy and a check at Richardson Prep Middle School for the Character Education Award, formerly the Duncan Webb Award.

The club presents the award to educators that instill character and personal responsibility when teaching students.

The Tetlocks were nominated by Alex Gilbraith, who is now a freshman at Cajon High School.

Gilbraith nominated the Tetlocks, in part, by the advice and caring that Pam Tetlock showed the fledgling freshman.

Gilbraith was seen as a bubbly, fun, energetic and talkative student. She was bullied for her effervescence.

Pam Tetlock told Gilbraith to be herself.

That simple statement transformed Gilbraith into wanting to continue to strive for success.

The second-place winner was Ty Stockham, a calculus teacher at San Gorgonio High School.

He was nominated by Jordan Kam, a junior at San Gorgonio and a Rotary Life student.

Stockham will receive a check for $250 as part of his award.

Third-place went to Kim Imbriani, a baking teacher at San Bernardino High School. Imbriani will also receive $250.

She was nominated by Danielle Villanueva, a freshman at San Bernardino High School and a Rotary Life student.

The first-place winners will have their names placed on a four-foot trophy that is presented each year. They will also receive $1,000 to spend as they wish.

CR Tetlock said he was surprised to be recognized.

“It was a very nice honor to be recognized by a former student this highly,” said CR.

CR will be finishing his 38th year with the San Bernardino Unified School District this year.

Rhoades-Hensley and her husband Ed are the leads for the Rotary Life program for the Downtown Rotary Club.

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