With friends and family watching and cheering for them, over 100 Citrus Valley High School seniors entered the performing arts center for Senior Awards Night. When the evening concluded, they left with nearly $100,000 in scholarships and grants.

Principal Rhonda Bruce greeted students and their families.

"Tonight is a night of a lot of giving, a lot of money being given to these very deserving students," Bruce said of the event. "It is all thanks to the Redlands Community Scholarship Foundation."

In addition to the foundation's generosity, many auxiliary organizations throughout Redlands, including Schools First Federal Credit Union and several organizations on the Citrus Valley campus, chipped in funds to help seniors pay for their future educational endeavors.

Perhaps the biggest announcement of the evening was the names of the students who would carry the school's 'CLASS' banners, ushering in their classmates at the commencement ceremony on Friday, June 7. Each student was selected based on how well each represents the characteristics each banner stands for:

The 'Character' banner will be carried by Peyton Lacey.

"He is reliable, dependable and trustworthy, and has had a major impact on everything he has done at Citrus Valley," according to Bruce. "He is an ethical and moral person, who is well-respected by peers and adults alike for his positive personal character."

Lacey is headed to Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo to study engineering, with an emphasis in agricultural engineering.

The 'Leadership' banner will be carried by four-year ASB member Hannah Hill.

"She embraces new ideas eagerly, she leads by example and is always willing to accept new challenges and any tasks that need to be done," says Bruce.

Hill is going to Arizona State to major in communication disorders and wants to be a speech therapist.

The 'Attitude' banner will be carried by Emmanuel Castaneda. Bruce says the most incredible thing about Castaneda is his, "positive attitude at all times." He has a full ride offer from Cal State San Bernardino, which he has accepted.

The 'Scholarship' banner will be carried by Zihui Li.

"She is a conscientious student who always rises above and beyond what is expected of her," said Bruce. "She is humble and her enthusiasm is contagious."

This straight-A student, with a 4.9 GPA, plans to attend UCLA.

The 'Service' banner will be carried by Alexandria Lugo.

"She literally does it all," said Bruce. "While her interests are varied, she maintains a high level of commitment to each."

Lugo, who has over 600 community service hours, has voluntarily signed on at San Diego State.

Last, but not least, the 'CLASS OF 2019' will be carried by Nicolas Duke.

"He is hard-working, and is a positive role model to all students," according to Bruce. "He cares about our school and about the world around him. He does whatever is right or best for others."

Duke joins Castaneda at Cal State San Bernardino this fall and also has a full-ride scholarship.

Bruce wishes to thank the parents for their support, as well as the many organizations who chipped in scholarship money for these graduates.

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