Laura Ramos

Laura Ramos, new principal of Emmerton Elementary.

Laura Ramos, Emmerton Elementary’s new principal, says she is excited to be back with the district that helped her become the educator she is today.

Ramos grew up in the Midwest but spent her whole career in Southern California and most of it with San Bernardino City Unified School District.

After developing a passion for teaching while working with younger students at camps and as a student tutor, Ramos attended Indiana University where she was recruited to teach in San Bernardino. She began as a teacher at Warm Springs Elementary in 1992, and she has since taught most grades and served as vice principal at several San Bernardino and High Desert schools.

Moving across the country at the age of 21 and alone was an adventure for Ramos.

“It was exciting,” Ramos said. “I met and worked with many great people who supported me in the district. It helped mold who I am as a person. I learned to become a strong teacher through the San Bernardino City Unified School District. There were so many professional development opportunities then as there are now, and I think the training is some of the best in the nation.”

She was later drawn to school administration for the opportunity to impact education on a larger scale affecting students, teachers, families and the community.

She began at Emmerton in December and loves the school for its system of parents and staff who are committed to each other and the positive feelings with which they work together in the best interest of students.

Emmerton has about 530 students grades preschool to third.

As principal, Ramos wants to lead the school in the continued professional learning of the staff, particularly for developing strong writing skills among students, a school focus.

“The area we’re focused heavily on as a staff is production and distribution of writing,” Ramos said. “We’re building systems for our students to write in different genres.”

The school has also adopted the use of instructional rounds in which teachers regularly gather in groups to share what works and keep up with areas needing growth.

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