Options For Youth Charter Schools Grand Opening

Principal Illeana Arroyo about to cut the red ribbon at grand opening of the Options For Youth Charter schools location SB 3 on Tuesday, Nov.5.

Over 50 people gathered for the grand opening of the Options For Youth (OFY) charter school on Tuesday, Nov. 5.

The new school is the third to open in the San Bernardino area. Representatives from State Senator Mike Morrell and Mayor of San Bernardino John Valdivia’s office also attended the event. Morrell’s office presented the location (San Bernardino 3 or SB 3) Principal Ileana Arroyo with a certificate of recognition.

OFY has been serving Southern California for 30 years and has been working alongside the San Bernardino City Unified School District for 10 years. OFY received a 5-year renewal from the district last year said Arroyo who spoke at the event.

She said that SB 3 will join the rest of the charter to close the opportunity and achievement gaps between student groups. She continued, “our goal is to create happy, healthy and successful students,” with a school that “provides alternative paths of academic excellence and overall success for those students whose unique needs have not met solutions in a traditional high school environment.”

According to the OFY website, the charter offers the following: independent study, small group classes, online courses, night classes, one-on-one, single-subject tutoring, hands-on experiential activities, trips and cultural excursions. While OFY is open to enroll anyone grades 7-12, their primary focus is “at-risk youth,” according to Iris Quevedo an enrollment and outreach specialist for OFY. The number of high-risk youth in the city of San Bernardino was 79.4 percent in the 2016-17 school year according to alternative school stats that are sent by OFY to the state every three years. She says that foster kids, kids with a troubled home life or just out of the juvenile detention system are just some of the kids who attend their schools.

OFY requires the student to come in two days a week to discuss their lesson plan with their teacher(s), the student can then take the work to do at home. Direct help is also available in math, science and English if the student needs it.

They do provide some sports for some locations with girl’s volleyball, boy’s basketball, soccer and football. The city of San Bernardino provides locations for practices and games. The school is expected to enroll up to 350 students and can enroll an unlimited amount of online-only students who work from home only.

For more information, visit the website at ofy-sb.org.

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