Redlands Unified School District is anticipating a normal school year for 2021-22.

During the Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, April 27, Superintendent Mauricio Arellano gave an update on what families can expect next year.

"We are planning to have a normal start of the school year, and that is based on SB 98, which authorizes distance learning," said Arellano. "The bill sunsets on June 30."

Arellano said the district would resume full in-person learning unless SB 98 receives an extension or there is new legislation.

"Preparing for a normal year is also based on Gov. Gavin Newsom's expected June 15 suspension of the color-coordinated tier system," continued Arellano. "That suspension is contingent on vaccine availability and hospital rates remaining stable. The one mitigating factor that would still be in place is facemasks, and that is the only thing we are anticipating at the moment. We would have our regular offering of instruction, eAcademy and independent study. At this point, it looks like we will have a normal school year next fall. Community Relations Specialist MaryRone Shell is working with Redlands Community Hospital to see if we can create a system of vaccinations for students. Vaccinations are not required, but we are trying to create easy access for those who want it."

The school board approved a 5 percent one-time lump sum for all employees.

"The gesture truly recognizes the effort that every single employee has made to transition from distance learning to in-person learning," said Arellano.

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