Over 50 teachers and administrative staff from the San Bernardino City Unified School District (SBCUSD) gathered at the Middle College High School in San Bernardino for the annual Operation Student Recovery (OSR) Day on Tuesday, Nov.19.

Marlene Bicondova, director of positive youth development, hosted the workshop for SBCUSD.

Before discussing Operation Student Recovery, Bicondova briefly educated the audience on the district’s anti-bully program and the importance of the undercover anti-bullying teams.

Next Bicondova introduced special guest Assemblywomen Eloise Gómez Reyes of the 47th district.

Reyes said “When my staff told me about this program I wanted to learn more about it.”

Reyes also brought up the suicide of Rosalie (Rosie) Avila, a teenager from Yucaipa, who had suffered multiple forms of bullying, including physical and verbal, both online and in person, that became so severe she took her own life in December of 2017, Reyes said.

Reyes went on to say that we have “restore” our children through “restorative justice practices.” Reyes wants to “look for ways to implement such a (SBCUSD’s anti-bully) program statewide.”

After Reyes concluded her remarks, Brenda Chow, Adrian Islas and Kenneth Martinez explained how Operation Student Recovery was conducted and what resources were available for students who were missing school due to transportation problems or other issues.

The group was then put into 19 teams and assigned students who had missed 10 to 17 days of school, which is a possible sign of chronic absence. According to the district, the 19 teams reached 196 students.

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