It is with a heavy heart in which I write this. One of our beloved family members has passed away unexpectedly. Dr. Sherry Brothers and her Staff at the Highland Ave Veterinary Clinic have provided our community with compassion, expertise and friendship for more than thirty years. I was honored to be one of her first clients when she took over Dr. Reye’s office. Her knowledge and passion, along with her sense of humor impressed me and I knew I had more than a family vet for life. She was a dear friend. Through the years and many a pet, her precious hard working staff and I became family. She watched my babies grow into young women and we all journeyed through life together. My parents, daughters, siblings and friends all became friends with Dr. Brothers, Tish, Rhee, and Lisa. All our pets’ pictures adorned their office. We knew how much they cared and when it was time to say good bye to a beloved pet, they all shared our sorrow and eased the pain. It is rare to find a person of this quality and is only a blessing when you do.

I can’t imagine the loss her treasured friends/staff are going through. There will always be a void on Highland Ave but to Tish, Rhee and Lisa, I say Thank You. Thank you for letting us be part of your family and thank you for all your loving service and hard work. We share your grief and love for Dr. Brothers. She went above and beyond which is such a rarity. Rest in Peace Dr. Brothers. You’ll always stay in our hearts.

Liz Cole Waskel