South Carolina was the eighth of the original 13 colonies to sign the U.S. Constitution on May 23, 1788.

When the Europeans began arriving in the 16th century, Cherokee, Catawba and Muskogean peoples were living in the area. The first English colonists arrived in 1670 and founded Charleston in 1680. In 1775, the colonists took control of the Carolina government from the royal governor.

During the Revolutionary War, the Carolina colony was the scene of fierce guerrilla warfare. The Colonial Irregulars were led by Lt. Col. Francis Marion.

Marion had learned his guerrilla skills fighting Indians.

Cornwellis’ men were so harried by Marion’s forces that a British officer and a company of British regulars were tasked with catching Marion and killing him any way they could.

In one instance, after chasing Marion 26 miles in the swamp, Marion and his men disappeared. The British officer was reported to say, “The devil himself could not catch that ---- swamp fox.”

Marion was never caught and survived the war.

South Carolina was the first state to secede from the Union, and it was where the Civil War began with the bombardment of Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor.

Andrew Jackson

In the 2019 “World Almanac and Book of Facts,” Tennessee and both Carolinas claimed Andrew Jackson as their “favorite son.” Jackson was big enough in spirit and personality for three states.

He was born in the British colony of Carolina on March 15, 1767. He lived part of his life in Tennessee where he died on his estate, “The Hermitage” on June 8, 1845, at the age of 78.

Jackson was many things during his life. As a youth, he was dispatch runner for the colonists during the Revolutionary War. He was taken captive and suffered a saber cut on the head and hand when he refused to clean an officer’s boots.

After the Revolution, Jackson became a land speculator, planter, slave owner, Indian fighter, hero of the Battle of New Orleans, a lawyer, a duelist, governor of the territory of Florida, representative of Tennessee in both houses of Congress and the seventh president of the United States.

As a two-term president, re recognized the republic of Texas, implemented the “Trail of Tears,” dismantled the Second Bank of the United States, completely paid off the national debt and survived the first presidential assassination attempt.

He died at his home in Tennessee, not a perfect man but a man.

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