"P" is for perks, plenty or poverty, population, peace, picnics, perfect, people, pals, pots and pans, pails, points and pointers, paints, paths, prunes, possibilities.

The world's population is growing very quickly, our nation's baby boomers are crowding the realm of the elderly. While we are the land of plenty, we also have the many who are poor, living in the grips of poverty. Life is imperfect; peace is delightful but elusive. Your child's pail may be half full or half empty.

"E" is for empathy. Sometimes my heart feels empty and since I have nurtured the Spirit who gives everlasting life, energy, everything good, been taught by excellent educators toward excellence, I eagerly awake almost everyday. It just may be that I'm feeling with someone in empathy. One of my daughters was born with empathy for others. Nature, we know, abhors a void, so one must take care to refill the emptiness with love and truth, things that are rewarding. Enlightenment will edify.

"R" is for rewards, which do come to the winner, to replenish our spirits, to help us reach out for what we need. Regular practice results in accomplishments, regardless of the reality of being the first prize winner- or not. There's no such thing as useless learning, regardless of what the adversary might infer. Ripe old age? It's never too late to learn, to turn 'round, to relax in faith's realm, embrace all that's right.

"K" is for kindness- feeling with others. I've learned is a kinesthetic knowing, and is not kinky at all. (smile) To know is to acknowledge the oneness of all humanity, from the knobby knees of kindergarten kids, to the kneening pain- ridden society outcast in a jail cell.

"S" is for simple. Society can be so suspicious of the small social mistakes of the social climber. We are always seeking to find the gold at the end if the rainbow. We are an ever seeking population seeing the beauty of the rainbows; they are so special. Enjoying the succulent sweet fruits of the season, scrumptious sweet treats for eyes and bellies. Enjoying success. Receiving the "perks."

In our society, the hard working, elderly people are ready for the "perks" given as rewards to the winners, workers who have reached the goals of education, enterprise, entrepreneurs at the height of success.

Perks! I've really earned mine! How 'bout you ?

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