Isn't it great that Mother Nature's rains have ended California's extended draught? Years ago I wrote to the engineers in Tucson, Ariz. suggesting to them that the cattle - guards all around that area could be used to catch the monsoon rain water, with the cliche rock underground which could be blasted to make basins for holding the run off water. I didn't have any reply from them nor did I know if any anyone has tried to use the abundant waters which regularly fell seasonally in spring and fall. Sometimes ideas are workable, sometimes not, but it's only courteous to acknowledge a concerned communication.

When I contacted our Mayor Penny Lilburn, and then Mr. [Ernest] Wong in our city government, I was given attention immediately. My concern was for the people living on Goldarina Street, because the flood in February covered the road to their homes. I found out that's San Bernardino County's concern, not Highland's. I really appreciated Mr. Wong taking his time to show me ⎯ I'm from Missouri, you know ⎯ the Show-Me state.

Our California water problem is solved for a while, thanks to the great God who sent the rain. I am not a rain lover; I enjoy the sunshine, even in July and August. Perhaps especially then when I can swim in Jeffrey Court's swimming pool.

I could be with the water aerobics class at the YMCA, but that's more difficult and time consuming to undress, shower, swim, shower, and dress again, for busy aging me.

My daddy told me to never get old, and I've really worked at that, fought it. However looking in the camera and the mirror its rather hard to disguise the fact that I'm looking my chronological age all too often, bless it! My mother-in-law suggested to me when I'd say "Darn it!" ( or worse!) that you can say "Bless it!" with just as much energy which could bring blessings to you instead of curses. I found that to be a very good idea and have practiced this for years. It's become habitual, and anyone who knows me will easily see how much I've been blessed.

My mother-in-law, Hortense Bowels Donnan, also tended a very large truck garden, with beans, tomatoes, okra, onions, and more, which was on her table for delicious, nutritious meals. She grew lovely, fragrant peonies in a field above the farm's pond.

My mother and dad had a large Victory Garden in our backyard during WWII. Mom preserved much of the produce, and quarts of cherries from our two trees. Mom also grew flowers. It’s easy to see where I inherited my green thumbs.

I had a plot in The Giving Garden at the Highland Congregational Church, United Church of Christ, when I first joined the fellowship there. I passed that along to another gardener, now just using my patio and thumbs here at home. I have lettuce, kale, parsley, chives and pretty flowers, too. My spinach seeds didn’t germinate for some reason, but green peppers volunteered in a planter. My daughter, Laurel, gave me a shiny, bright green leafed gardenia plant for Mother's Day I'm enjoying, and the church gave me one of the lilies, to enjoy with my Charlie, a wandering Jew I've named Abraham, and gladiolus will soon bloom.

Our summer will bring the warmer days very, very soon, and I'd be delighted to show you my pretty little garden as the summer is a-commin' in.

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