Kurt Bruich stood at the center of Redlands’ Sports Soccer Complex, honoring senior players from Redlands East Valley’s highly prominent boys’ soccer squad. A couple hours later, the Wildcats’ 2-0 win over neighboring Yucaipa, who steered its way through the Crafton Hills, nailed down REV’s fourth straight Citrus Belt League championship.

There was Bruich, the boys’ athletic director – the girls have an A.D., too, in Rhonda Fouch – honoring the seniors and their parents before taking a spot along the sideline to watch this highly prized soccer team.

“Ted Small,” he was saying, referring to REV’s seventh-year coach, “coaches like I do.”

No one gets away with anything – lots of discipline, instruction and fine tuning. And this: You’d better be at practice. “You’d be surprised,” said Bruich, “at the number of guys that try and get away with that. Not here.”

Volleyball, once the most dominant sport on campus (and the area, for that matter), it’s REV boys’ soccer and Wildcats’ football leading the campus’ sports parade.

Bruich, incidentally, is also REV’s highly prominent football coach. In fact, 15 of his 19 seasons as a head coach have been spent on the Wildcats’ sideline. Not many, if any, of those 15 Wildcat seasons have been spent at home come playoff time.

Would he ever leave REV?

Who knows? Think about this, though:

As a University of Redlands graduate, it might be in Bruich’s interests to latch onto a job at his collegiate alma mater – especially when his two young daughters graduate high school. At $60,000-a-year tuition – let’s see, that’s $240,000 over four years and multiply by two. Apparently, on-campus coaches and teachers get free tuition for their kids.

There hasn’t been any public noise about longtime Bulldogs’ head coach Mike Maynard, who’s been around since 1988, leaving. Maynard changed the culture in his early days at Redlands, which included recruiting Bruich to play wingback/flanker in the Bulldogs’ Delaware Wing T back in 1990-1992.

What’s Bruich’s coaching stipend at REV again?

Bruich obviously knows the game, folks.

One day after a defensively dominated Super Bowl, Bruich seemed outraged at how Denver’s outside pass rushers – MVP Von Miller and ex-Dallas star DeMarcus Ware – had their way against Carolina’s two tackles.

“The days of those 330-pound offensive linemen have got to stop,” said Bruich. “Did you see how those guys went around those tackles? They’re just too slow.”

Sounds like good enough coaching instincts to take into the small college level, at least down the road.

REV has had a nice mix of ex-Wildcats at the next level. Here are a few:

David Peterson, the onetime All-CIF center who played four seasons at San Jose State, might’ve lasted about a minute in the Baltimore Ravens’ camp. Painful and limiting arthritis in his knees killed any chances of making a pro roster.

Andrew Hudson, whose wrestling skills earned him a CIF-Masters title and a trip to state, tried a little bit in the pro ranks – but couldn’t make it past training camp.

Isaiah Armstrong, who picked off 14 passes as REV’s cornerback in 2014, turned up at state junior college powerhouse Riverside City College last season.

Malik Lovette, the all-around offensive threat – including occasional QB duties in the “Wildcat” during REV’s run to a 2014 state title – has shifted to cornerback at Oregon, which fired/demoted longtime coach Don Pellum as its defensive coordinator.

Former Wildcats Jeffrey Harman and Daniel Gonzales showed up in San Bernardino Valley College’s secondary this past season. Any surprises that the Wolverines’ defense came up big on a 9-2 bowl team?

As for Chris Polk, who might be considered REV’s greatest football player, the onetime running back showed up with the Houston Texans last season. Injury-plagued Ariel Foster might have a limited future and current Texans’ coach Bill O’Brien is said to have good vibes for Polk.

A couple handfuls of REV products have surfaced at the university right down Colton Avenue at UR.

All this revolves around Bruich, the mastermind at REV.

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