I know there are Yankees’ fans out there.

I know this because I hear their inane, cocky, arrogant, sad little cackles while their power pitchers and power hitters are putting the exclamation points on exit velocity-powered home runs or extra popping spin rates on those late-inning strikeouts.

It’s with those people in mind -- Yankee fans, that is -- that I can tout “Inside the Empire: The True Power Behind the Yankees.” One of the co-authors, Bob Klapisch, has a nice track record in baseball reporting.

Hey, getting the inside stuff on that Giancarlo Stanton deal is worth 10 percent of the book store price alone.

As Father’s Day approaches, let’s dig in with a few good reads for Dad. It’s kind of customary for me. I’m a Dad. Love sports. Love to read. Get me a good book on sports.

Plus, we’ve got an area bookstore -- Barnes & Noble across the wash in Redlands. Those are disappearing creatures.

Let’s cut through the celebratory nature of athletes taking advantage of their fame to publish a book; we’re trying to land a good read for some solid readers.

Let’s go soccer and distance running, maybe some basketball, plus baseball history on the seamy side, huh?

In honor of the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup kicking in this month, might as well get a good read in for it.

“The Making of the Women’s World Cup,” by Kieran Theivam and Jeff Kassouf published on my birthday, May 21.

Insight: Michelle Akers playing in pain. Kelly Smith, the Golden Boot that changed the 2007 match in England. That 122nd minute USA-Brazil quarter-final equalizer. Laura Bassett? Own goal? Broken English hearts?

If you’re the Dad of a soccer player, especially females, you've gotta read this and share it with your kid.

Locally, Ryan Hall didn’t want to run as a kid. But he’d take those jaunts around his neighborhood lake -- Big Bear Lake, to be exact. At altitude. Fifteen miles worth, too.

“Run The Mile You’re In,” is not only good advice for a distance runner, but it’s the name of the book this 2008 and 2012 U.S. Olympian wrote.

There are more than a handful of books out there on LeBron James, the newly-crowned Laker star. “LeBron, Inc.,” by hoops insider Brian Windhorst, could be your ticket inside The King.

They’re still writing books about the ’69 Miracle Mets. Can’t recommend any longer. Too long ago. So many books, anyway, about the Tom & Jerry Show. Ron Swoboda’s great catch, shoe polish on Cleon Jones’ spike. Gil Hodges’ guiding hand. Catching the Baltimore Orioles off stride. Naaaaah, there are more modern books to read.

By the way, another book on Joe Namath’s out. Like the Mets of ’69, Broadway Joe’s claim to fame also came in 1969. I’ve got positive vibes for Namath, but I can’t let that get in the way.

There’s nothing really new there. A definite non-read, please.

I like new, fresh stuff.

You’ve got to be enough of an old-timer to enjoy “K: A History of Baseball in 10 Pitches.” Tyler Kepner takes plenty of space just with the spitball, the once-feared, time-honored, totally-cool way of pitchers cheating hitters with umpires looking on.

Check it out.

Speaking of soccer: Who knows if soccer icon Abby Wambach has the right message in trying to inspire individual women? “We have never been Little Red Riding Hood,” she intones. “We are the wolves.”

Her written work is: “Wolfpack: How to Come Together, Unleash Our Power, and Change the Game.”

There’s some depth in that for Dads to read on behalf of their high-achieving athletic daughters.

This’ll make you a Superstar Dad.

Finally, it might be really, really tough to ignore former famed Sports Illustrated writer Rick Reilley’s golf book, “The Commander In Cheat.”

Golf with President Trump.

One review, by the New Yorker: “Reilly pokes more holes in Trump’s claims than there are sand traps on all of his courses combined. It is by turns amusing and alarming.”

Let me see if I can sum up that last book: At the beginning, Reilley discloses some real tidbits on how the President operates.

You might come away thinking, “President Trump operates the country like a round of golf.”

Read it. Let me know if you’re offended as a voter or as a golfer.

Got a sports tip, some rumblings, or just chat about Sports? Hit me up at baseballolb@hotmail.com.

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