If anyone out there’s disappointed in Cal State San Bernardino’s recently-concluded basketball season — men’s or women’s — just consider this:

The Coyotes, aside from their brilliant hoops and volleyball arena, might be battling against the odds.

Take a trip to a few campuses around the California Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA). From my vantage point, it seems like Cal State overachieves against its dozen rival members.

Look no further than comparing Cal State to UC San Diego.

The Tritons will move to become an NCAA Division 1, Big West Conference member in a year, or two. They should’ve been there long ago. UC San Diego generally sits among the top three teams in CCAA races.

That’s any sport. Men’s and women’s. The reason’s simple. So many advantages.

Throw in Cal Poly Pomona. Huge campus. Loads of support. Tremendous infrastructure. Translation: On-campus facilities.

Nothing, of course, beats Coussoulis Arena for hoops and volleyball. Other than some wise and experienced coaches, that might be Cal State’s only real advantage.

Try recruiting for San Bernardino. If you’re from beautiful Sonoma State, good luck. Same with Monterey. Humboldt, Cal State East Bay in Hayward, even San Francisco have serious advantages over the San Bernardino coaches.

Anyone ever been to Chico State? It’s a playground up there.

San Bernardino does about as well as it possibly can to competitively recruit under those circumstances.

Lady Coyotes’ volleyball? Might be an exception there. By comparison, the success of Cal State’s net program is unusual. Better funding. Deservedly so. Brilliant coaching. Huge results every season. Their background is more than a little solid.

Money isn’t exactly rolling into the North San Bernardino-based campus, either. Not like some of its CCAA rivals. Cal State isn’t even close to its best-funded CCAA rivals.

It should’ve come as no shocker that Pomona squared off against UC San Diego for the men’s CCAA basketball championship.

Or that UC San Diego took on Chico State for the women’s title.

Hat’s off to UC San Diego. With their money, support and infrastructure, they should be winning.

Footnote to Cal State volleyball: Knocking off unbeaten Cal Baptist — another school headed for NCAA Division 1, Big West Conference membership — in last fall’s NCAA Division 2 Western Regional finals looms as a bigger upset than one might think.

Cal Baptist’s arena rival Coussoulis.

That huge achievement was a feel-good moment for the ages.

* * *

Anyone notice that Chino Hills High made the boys Division 1 basketball finals last Saturday night against Pasadena High? This is the same school that’s won the previous couple years with the Baller Brand boys — Lonzo, LaMelo and LiAngelo — playing for both the Huskies and their dad, LaVar Ball.

By the way, they were on their third coach over a three-year span. Daddy Ball was nothing, if not seriously tough, on Huskies’ coaches.

In other words, Chino Hills is a powerhouse program and it may not have been the Ball Bros. that made it that way. Could be the environment.

I’m getting the feeling that Daddy Ball wasn’t going to get his way this year at Chino Hills, so he pulled his last preppie, “Gelo.”

Anyone else hearing the same thing?

* * *

C’mon. Aquinas vs. Redlands East Valley. Or Redlands High vs. Aquinas. Boys’ soccer. San Gorgonio vs. Aquinas would be a good match. Give us what we want. Playoff teams that make deep runs in the post-season.

Yes, we know. Aquinas is Division 7. REV plays out of Division 1. Redlands is a Division 5 side. There’s still 11 on the field at a time (unless, of course, Redlands loses it and gets a bunch of red-carded players).

Anyway, give us an easy, short-journey, area rivalry showdown for bragging rights. Aquinas is really a higher division type of side, especially being a private school with players from everywhere.

Like soccer hotbed Brazil!

* * *

On a personal note: Ron Carmody, who left as Citrus Valley’s baseball coach a couple seasons back, is still recovering from a stroke. He’s at a rehab center in San Bernardino.

Footnote to Carmody: He may be the only coach in Redlands’ district to coach on the diamond at each of the three public campuses, Citrus Valley, Redlands East Valley and Redlands. It didn't seem all that long ago that Carmody led the Blackhawks to the 2013 CIF Division 5 championship.

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