Adam Quintana

Adam Quintana, the CIF-Southern Section Division 3 Player of the Year for San Gorgonio High School in 2010, throws a pitch during a winter league playoff game in Mexico earlier this month.

Right about now, we need a little colorful sports reporting, folks. We aim to please. Here we go: 

In Guasave, Mexico last week: Adam Quintana, the ex-San Gorgonio High pitching star, surged to prominence with “great work” in the Winter League playoff series of the Liga ARCO Mexicana del Pacifico. Quintana’s seven strong innings helped equal the series at 1-1 for Algodoneros de Guasave. 

He beat Tomateros de Culiacán, 5-1. 

It’s just a major coincidence that this column is run the same day we’re running a piece on retired San Bernardino Valley College athletic trainer Mike Sola and his memories of Los Angeles Dodgers’ manager Tom Lasorda. 

The two met in 1959 in Havana, Cuba. Think there wasn’t a little Spanish being spoken in those days? 

Language, in this report on Quintana’s game, is colorful in the Mexican version of a report. Here’s part of the gamer: 

“The victory went to Quintana (1-0), who returned to shine at home, launching seven full episodes with six undisputed, four chocolates, no base and a touchdown; Jeff Ibarra, Rafael Córdova, Geno Encina continued, who scored his first rescue of the series.” 

It was a colorful report, not usually the type offered by American reporters. Beisbol, the sport’s term in Mexico, has its own references. 

“Seven full episodes” is simple: Quintana pitched seven innings. 

“Six undisputed” refers to six innings pitched without allowing a run. 

“Four chocolates” means Quintana struck out four hitters. 

“No base” is no walks. 

A “touchdown?” He surrendered six hits. 

Ibarra, Córdova and Encina “continued,” which means they relieved Quintana. 

“First rescue” refers to a save, which went to Encina. 

Quintana, 28, pitches regularly for Monclava, the highest level of Mexican League baseball in that nation. He was assigned to Guasave for the Winter League season. 

The onetime Spartan pitcher, who was CIF Division III Player of the Year in 2010, has clawed his way to pitch in various places — four different colleges alone, plus semi pro baseball and a brief stint in the Texas Rangers’ organization. 

Upon his release, Quintana eventually surfaced in the Mexican League. Last spring, he made the roster for the Mexico Olympic team. It’s assumed the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will be played this summer. 

Quintana’s 5-1 win wasn’t his only moment of glory. On Nov. 25, he pitched eight innings in a 2-0 win over the “cherries” 

Cherries? Since Quintana posted his win over the Tomateros, it can only be interpreted that refers to tomatoes; hence, “cherries” as in cherry tomatoes? Spanish-speaking baseball fans! Speak to me.

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