Aquina High School quarterback Francisco Maaigoa

Francisco Maaigoa, a new quarterback, for Aquinas High School, was taking in the sights in Highland, at the St. John Bosco fiesta, last Sunday.

Last Sunday afternoon, Aquinas High School’s new quarterback Francisco Maaigoa visited St. John Bosco Church, during their annual fiesta, in East Highlands.

Maaigoa moved from America Samoa to join the Falcons of Aquinas, as their new quarterback, for the upcoming football season, for 2019-2020.

Maaigoa seemed happy to relocate to play for Aquinas, in Highland.

“The coaching staff at Aquinas is good,” said Maaigoa. “They are welcoming and humble.”

The new quarterback came to Aquinas with great aspirations for his future.

“My dream is to play at the pro level, some day,” said Maaigoa.

Closer to home, he wants to help the Falcons to be victorious on the grid iron.

“I want to win every game,” said Maaigoa excitedly. “I’d like for us to win CIF.”

Maaigoa said that he would not be able to play in the first five games of the season, due to regulations.

Francis, Maaigoa’s younger brother, will also play for the Falcons next year.

Francis, a freshman at Aquinas, will be playing nose guard and left tackle for the Falcons.

Maaigoa was enjoying the music, decorations and food, at St. John Bosco’s fiesta, with his family.

As the Falcons take to the field this football season, keep an eye out for these two new additions to the football roster, as they give their best efforts to put plenty of games in the win column for Aquinas.

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