Bianca Murphy

Highland's Bianca Murphy performed at a Veteran's Day Concert, at the Main Chapel, at the University of Redlands, with the Redlands Youth Symphony and the Mountain Top Strings of California, last Sunday. A versatile performer, Murphy plays classical, rock and other genres of music.

Viridian Lights, a Highland-based all-girl rock band, has proven itself to be just as polished as their legendary counterparts.

The band is Elizabeth, lead vocals, Alex, guitar and vocals, Bianca, keyboards and vocal, Veronica, drums and Sarah, on bass and vocals.

Despite the gap in ages of the girls and the rock bands they cover, the quintet is a tight playing unit that knows how to rock with the best of them.

Keyboardist and background vocalist Bianca Murphy hails from Highland.

She also plays the cello.

Murphy, who attends Citrus Valley High School, has had a penchant for music since she was a child.

“I grew up learning all types of genres of music,” said Murphy. “While I am trained in classical music, I fell in love with rock music.”

As a member of Viridian Lights, Murphy gets to show off her rock chops by playing songs from rock legends, like Journey, Bon Jovi, Chicago, Kansas and contemporary artists, like Bruno Mars.

Recently, she performed at the Veterans Day Concert, Honoring the Past and Present Military Service Members, in the Memorial Chapel, at the University of Redlands.

“I’ve been playing piano since I was 4,” said Murphy. “I was taught by a home teacher, and now I am a student under Stephanie Lovell, at the University of Redlands.

“I’ve been playing cello, since I was in fifth grade, and I love playing both instruments, equally.”

By watching her perform, in both genres, it is evident that she has a passion for expressing herself through her music.

“I think we can learn a lot from classical music,” said Murphy. “A note is note, in every single language. A word is a word, in every single language. It depends on how you express it.”

Murphy enjoyed playing pieces of music for America’s veterans.

“This is amazing,” said Murphy. “This is the first time that we’ve ever done a Veterans Day concert.

“So, to have the chance to say, ‘Thank you,’ to everyone that served and everyone who is serving, it really means a lot.

“Especially, since, one day I too, want to serve in the Navy.”

Murphy aspires to be a Navy service warfare officer.

She would like to attend the Naval Academy at Annapolis, if she is able.

The multi-talented Murphy seems to have charted her course to be a successful musician and, hopefully, an officer in the Navy.

If you know anything about the history makers of Highland, past, present or future. I would be interested in hearing from you. You can reach me at (909) 816-0318.

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