On the big stage

Veronica Asuelime, the drummer for Viridian Lights, an all-girl rock band, is excited to open for Oingo Boingo Former Members, at the Saban Theater, in Beverly Hills.

Viridian Lights, an all-girl band in the Inland Empire, is composed of talented and energetic performers.

While the guitarists and singers belt out original compositions and cover songs, during their sets, the drummer keeps the pulse of the band on time.

Veronica Asuelime, a senior at Redlands East Valley High School, is the drummer for the up-and-coming rock band. She joined the band six months ago.

Her talent can be heard in songs by Journey, Chicago, Bruno Mars, Bon Jovi, Queen, Earth, Wind and Fire and original songs, by the band.

“I’ve played drums since the sixth grade,” said the Highland resident. “My brother plays drums, and I wanted to play too. He told me that I had to learn certain songs in three weeks. I did, and now I am performing at many different venues.”

Asuelime started developing her drumming chops with the San Bernardino City Unified School District’s Teen Music Workshop.

The Teen Music Workshop teaches students how to perform, sing, dance and play instruments.

“I auditioned for the Teen Music Workshop and got in, when I was in sixth grade,” said Asuelime.

Asuelime practices different genres of music, from pop, rock, jazz, reggae and other styles.

Her drum idols are Tony Royster Jr. and Larnell Lewis.

On Halloween, Asuelime and the band opened for the legendary ska/punk band Oingo Boingo Former Members.

The band has also opened for famous rockers like Spandau Ballet, Rick Springfield, Jefferson Starship and Tower of Power, to name a few.

She will be performing at charity event, at the Ronald McDonald House in December.

Asuelime is working her way to earn her degree in entrepreneurship. She would also like to teach English in Japan.

As a drummer, she aspires to be a studio drummer or a tour drummer.

For more information regarding Viridian Lights, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Next week, I will profile another member of the band.

Although the band members come from varied backgrounds, when they come together, they perform as if they have played together for years.

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