Jauneil Brooks

Jauneil Brooks is a sophomore at Highland Entrepreneur High School. His passion is photographing and video taping incidents that require an emergency response. He does all of this on his skateboard.

While most teenagers in the Inland Empire are glued to their electronic devices or streaming on the Internet, there is an extremely motivated teen that seeks action in a more productive way.

His name is Jauneil Brooks.

Brooks attends Highland Entrepreneur High School, on Highland Avenue.

Instead of trying to achieve the next level on the latest video games, Brooks gets his excitement looking for opportunities to break out his camera and video recorder.

Looking on his phone at the applications that tell him where the action is, Brooks dashes down the street to capture excitement in the streets of Highland and San Bernardino, namely fires, accidents, shootings and other incidents where there is a chance to get some great footage to send to the local television networks.

The sophomore does all of this on his skateboard.

“I don’t have a car,” said Brooks. “So, I have to get around on my skateboard.”

“When I get a car, I’ll be all over the place,” grinned Brooks.

You might ask, what motivates a young lad to engage in a career of videotaping and photographing incidents that require an emergency response.

“Well, I started in photography,” said Brooks, “But, that was due to depression.”

“I’d go to the mountains and start shooting [taking pictures of] wildlife.

“Then I started shooting firetrucks.”

Brooks is a patriotic citizen. He is particularly proud of the men and women who respond to emergencies.

“Out of patriotism, I started shooting fires. I love first responders.”

Brooks then turned his work into a news page on the Internet.

The self-motivated young man believes that the mistreatment that he has received from professional videographers has strengthened him to pursue his dreams even more.

“They pushed me and shoved me off [figuratively],” said Brooks.

The maltreatment has spurred his enthusiasm to record.

It is a passion and a job to Brooks.

“Every time that I hear that there’s a fire or something crazy, I’m like, okay,” said Brooks with a tone of excitement. “It’s instant. I just grab my camera and grab my skateboard, and I’m there.”

Brooks’ eyes widen with excitement when he shares about his experiences.

“I chase calls, fires and car accidents,” said Brooks. “You cover anything that can make the news, and you chase it.”

Attending Highland Entrepreneur High School has helped Brooks, as he ponders how to move forward as a videographer and photographer.

“They teach us about the business world.

“If we want to have our own business, they’ll teach everything that you can think of, about a business, like money, who to connect with, how to start a business and how to work through your business.”

Brooks believes the aspect of finding and making connections, which he has learned at his high school, has proven to be helpful.

The up and coming videographer has sound advice for today’s youth.

“I think any young kid should go out there and pursue their dreams and get off of the couch and get off of their phones, and do something positive,” said Brooks.

Next week, we will learn about the local heroes that have influenced this young man to mature and how to plan for his future.

If you know of anyone that can add to Highland’s history, I would like to hear their story.

You can reach me at (909) 816-0318.

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