Inland Empire Wind Ensemble

The Inland Empire Wind Ensemble donated several brass instruments to several music programs, in the San Bernardino City Unified School District's music programs.

History happens by the minute; a discovery is made, someone wins a title or someone writes an endearing song.

Not all history is recorded in the books or hard drives.

Sometimes, it is a gesture in good faith that can spark a desire to accomplish a goal or a dream, that then becomes a moment in history.

Such is the case for the musicians that will create the music of the future.

On Wednesday, Oct. 30, the Inland Empire Wind Ensemble gathered at Beattie Middle School, in Highland, to donate several instruments to local schools, for their music programs.

They are planting seeds for tomorrow’s future, in the area of music.

“Our ensemble enjoys seeing young musicians wanting to continue their studies in music,” said Ed Callihan, a trumpet player for the ensemble.

The group donated a French horn, three trumpets and a trombone to several teachers, according to Callihan.

Music teachers Katrina Smith and Danielle Kemper, Mark Sczublewski and Jessica Swanson received instruments for their music programs in the San Bernardino City Unified School District.

Band director Curtiss Allen, Jr., at Beattie Middle School, received a French horn for his music program.

“It’s amazing to watch some of these young musicians play,” Callihan said.

“By donating these instruments to the various music programs, in the San Bernardino school district, we are hoping that some students will decide to pursue music, after they graduate from high school, whether for fun or a career.

“Playing an instrument helps a person, on so many levels. Learning music teaches students to work faster, while connecting multiple skill sets.

“A student becomes more creative, as they learn how to interpret a song or how to improvise. It has been shown that learning an instrument can improve a student’s score in math, science and English.

“Music, performing or playing an instrument is just good for the soul,” Callihan added.

An episode in history, can happen in a band class. It is true.

The wind ensemble hopes that these same students will eventually join a group, such as the Inland Empire Wind Ensemble.

Those interested in performing with or listening to the Inland Empire Wind Ensemble can contact Ed Callihan at (909) 770-2205.

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