Peter's sword

This sword will be used in the Good Friday play at St. John Bosco Church on April 10. Peter the Apostle will use the sword to smite a Roman soldier.

On April 10, the St. John Bosco Church of East Highlands will present the Good Friday play.

The play is the creation of St. John Bosco church members Daniel Sanchez and Dianne Torres.

“Dianne and I are very excited to present the play again at St. John Bosco Church,” said Sanchez. “This will be our fifth year presenting this play to the community.”

The play will reenact the time when Jesus Christ was in the desert to the time he was arrested in the Garden of Gethsemane.

“This play has been a collaborative project with Dianne Torres,” said Sanchez. “We both wrote 17 original songs for the production. Dianne is a wonderful song writer. She has thoughtful ideas. Dianne and I came up with thought of making this play over the last 12 years.”

Initially, Torres and Sanchez interjected their original songs during the liturgy of the mass.

“This took place during the reading of the Passion, during mass” said Sanchez.

They soon realized that a play might be a larger platform to share the Word of the Lord.

“Back then we thought of trying to put the songs and music to a live performance,” said Sanchez.

The production of a play was born.

Props and costumes were collected and made to reflect the period of the time.

“We have a great group of people that acquire and make props and wardrobe pieces for the play,” said Sanchez. “Their dedicated work adds authenticity to what we are trying to show in the play,”

A real sword was donated to be part of the play.

During the play, Peter the Apostle uses the sword to smite a Roman soldier.

“Peter cuts off the ear of one of the Roman soldiers when they came to arrest Jesus when he is the Garden of Gethsemane,” said Sanchez.

Sanchez feels emotionally connected to the play, its actors and the message that the play brings to the community of East Highland and the residents other cities.

“I appreciate the time and effort that the musicians and actors put in to make our play a success,” said Sanchez.

“Without their help, this play would not have grown as much as it has in five years.”

Sanchez is passionate about the production and never loses sight of what the true message of the play.

“I’ve always felt strongly about making this play and the impact it has on our community and other communities,” said Sanchez.

“The Good Friday play shows our passion and love of Jesus Christ, from a small community of East Highland to a much larger audience in the Inland Empire.

“Personally, I would like people to know that Jesus Christ gave the ultimate sacrifice for the sins of t­he world.”

Sanchez feels as strongly today about the message of the play as he did when he and Torres first came up with the plan to create it.

Next week, we will learn more about the Good Friday play, the actors, the musicians, the future of the production and the thoughts of the co-creator Dianne Torres.

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