The “Future Mad Scientist Program” was a fun way for young minds to engage in activities that emphasized chemistry, biology and physics experiments. The basics of the scientific processes were the foundation for these studies — always presented in a child-friendly way.

Congratulations to all who completed these weeks of studying science through the Highland YMCA.

During the second week of August, registration for volleyball and basketball will be open.

While the YMCA awaits the appointment of a new director, all systems are “Go!” with the efficient staff on hand. On the day of my visit, Michael Ramos and Shantel Greene were at the front desk to assist me on obtaining this information about the closing of the summer activities, and the beginning of fall registrations. They were well informed, cordial and helpful.

Members were actively engaged on the exercise machines, seen beyond the welcoming desk. Swimming activities, including the senior aerobics classes, are ongoing. If you are a member of the Highland Senior Center, you have the privilege to take part in these water activities five days a week.

The nominal membership fee of $5 a year is all it takes for you to be in the comfortably cool water, under the guidance of some terrific leadership. Lifeguards are always present with their watchful eyes to assist anyone who has need.

Looking forward to January, the YMCA will begin registration for the annual 5- and10-k runs scheduled for Jan. 27. Now is the time to be out there practicing, building your skills and endurance.

The Highland YMCA, and the worldwide, world-class organization, is here to help you attain aad retain your best physically, mentally, with the strong Christian principles it has always had to benefit our community.

The YMCA is on Central Avenue, between Ninth and Fifth streets, phone (909) 425-9622 for more information.

ElmaMae Henderson is a longtime contributor to the Highland Community News.

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