Re: “Marijuana, mental illness and violence,” Feb. 22,

The commentary by ElmaMae Henderson about marijuana and mental illness was indeed strange. She claims that we have been misled by “the powers to be” for a generation by telling us that marijuana is safe.

In fact, the powers that be have been telling us for a generation that marijuana is NOT safe and as dangerous as heroin (according to the federal government's drug laws}. Her commentary is filled with the same bogus studies and false conclusions that we have been fed for many generations.

She uses Hillsdale College  — Rush Limbaugh's favorite “college” — as the source of her “most important comment she has ever written.”

And this was only part one of her comments. I can hardly wait to find out what other false and discredited facts she will parrot from Hillsdale “college” in part two.

Stay tuned!

James Tanner, Highland        

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