The recent earthquakes and aftershocks in Trona remind us that earthquakes are common in California and the next one could mean an emergency and possibly disaster.

For the safety of you and your families we ask that you do what you can to be prepared such a disaster. Preparations will not only your family better deal with and be safe in the event of an emergency but your community as a whole. The more prepared you are the less dependent you might be on the services of emergency crews, freeing them to help others, possibly in more dire situations.

For earthquakes this means more than securing furniture in your homes and ducking and covering. Being prepared for after the shaking has stopped is equally important.

As we saw in Trona and Ridgecrest, there may be the need to survive the loss of water, power, grocery stores, communications and more for several days.

A few tips:

• Store food and water for your family for up to a week

• Have a way to cook during the loss of power and gas

• Have birth certificates, insurance policies and other important documents ready to grab in case of evacuation.

• Have emergency and first aid kits in your car and home

• Learn CPR and other first aid skills

• Have a plan for communicating and reconnecting with family

• Have important phone numbers memorized or written down

• Have important medications ready

• Keep your car’s gas tank more than half full

• Know how to turn off your utilities

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