So the Highland City Council backed away from its ordinance prohibiting sex offenders from lurking in the vicinity of schools and parks where children gather. (See story on Page 4 of the Nov. 17 edition of the Highland Community News).

The court said it was unfair to the poor sex offenders.

The City Council lost an expensive battle when it went to court to defend its at-large city council elections.

Once burned, it took the only way out this time, deleting the sex offender ordinance from the books to comply with the courts’ decisions.

The state also lost its attempt to keep prisoners in prison when the court ordered the prison population decreased by 30,000, releasing prisoners back to county custody, free to offend again.

By the time a criminal has been caught, convicted and imprisoned, he has probably committed many offenses, so he’s not really a “first time offender.”

Neither is he less guilty because his crime was not “violent,” like murder.

And now some legislators want to give them the right to vote.

That’s what this country needs: letting criminals make the laws.

We would like to blend a little common sense into our judicial system, not to violate anyone’s rights, but to keep people from violating ours.

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