Flathers and his Probe

Wayne Flathers and his 1995 Ford Probe, which he bought new.

As a car guy, I find it amazing how predictably gearheads are draw together by their common interest in automobiles. This week had several enjoyable examples.

On Fourth of July, as Highland was staging for the morning’s parade I couldn’t help but stroll through the entrees to scope out the classic cars.

One of the more familiar examples was East Valley Water District’s 1954 Chevrolet pickup driven by EVWD Directors Ronald Coats and Phillip Goodrich. It’s the beautifully restored blue and white pickup often seen at local car shows and the annual Citrus Harvest Festival.

It was funny yet unsurprising that the moment someone popped the hood a crowd instantly materialized, drawing from a crowd of hundreds a focused group of likeminded people to that precise spot.

Goodrich shared that EVWD is the original owner of the curvy pickup and that it was restored by the district employees themselves.

On Wednesday, last week’s “Editor’s Notes” about Ford’s Probe/Mustang controversy of the early 1990s prompted a welcome visit from another one-owner car. Reader Wayne Flathers brought his very clean 1995 Probe in seafoam metallic.

He bought the car new from Inland Ford in Redlands and says it’s been a great car these 24 years. It’s low mileage and has only given him one problem, which occurred during a road trip to Arizona early in his ownership.

Flathers has a history of long-kept original-owner cars, and he says he plans to hold onto the Probe until obtaining parts for the short-run model becomes and issue.

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